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Selena Gomez dethrones Kendall Jenner on Instagram! Get the most 'likeada' photo from the social network

4.1 million likes, neither more nor less. This island figures that Selena Gomez has achieved in one of her latest photographs published on the social network of the moment, Instagram. With this overwhelming figure, it surpasses Kendall Jenner and that famous photo with its heart-shaped hairs that today reaches 3.6 million likes. The photo is nothing from the other world, she and a bottle of Coke They have achieved this new record.

"When your letters appear on the bottle" This is the phrase that accompanies the snapshot, nothing special so it is shown that Selena Gomez and her bottle have been the main cause of having achieved such a number of pulsations. As we love the data, we have seen that almost none of his latest photographs fall below the 2 million likes and his videos reach much higher reproductions, 12.4 million in one of the most recent. Of its 89.2 million, it has only achieved that 4.6% hit the heart of this beautiful image, of course there are many people but they could be many more.