I present my essentials kit for summer 2016

While you are reading this post, I will already be on vacationIn fact, I will be on my way to a fantastic cruise through the Baltic capitals (not to be envious, but it is what there is). Of course, I did not want to miss the opportunity to tell you what they will be my essential products for the summer, those who will accompany me yes or yes at all times and wherever I go and, even if one can join more occasionally. So without further delay I present my basic toiletry bag for summer 2016.

For skin care

In summer, obviously, the most important thing is to take care of the sun's skin, but it must be kept equally hydrated and in good shape, that between the heat, sun exposure, baths in the pool or beach and others, the skin suffers a lot. So here I leave the list of my creations:

  • Hydra Beauty Crème Hydration Protection Luminosity of Chanel. They gave me a sample one day in Sephora and I loved it, so taking advantage of a promotion and a discount voucher, I took it. I am delighted, moisturizes a lot without greasing, maintaining that hydration all day, and leaves you juicy skin, looking very good.

  • Skin Defense of The Body Shop. After reading the post my partner wrote about this cream, I knew I had to do with it, and I was not wrong. It is a cream that is applied after your usual treatment, having a very very light texture but with a great sun protection factor, UVA PA ++++ and UVB FPS 50, which is fantastic to avoid stains and protect yourself from this sun. In addition, it includes ingredients such as extract of red algae and vitamin C to enhance the luminosity of the skin, marula oil and does not contain mineral oils, parabens or paraffins. Honestly, I am delighted with her.

  • Total facial protection of Heliocare. I've been using this sun cream for many years and it doesn't fail me. It's always with me and it's fantastic, I don't burn anything, I avoid stains and I have great skin. In what is the sun protection of the body I am more than walking at home and the Nivea 50/30 is doing great.

  • Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. I bought it at the same time as Skin Defense and I loved it, from its aroma to its degree of hydration, to the skin you look prettier. It is very smelly, it is true, it costs a bit to extend it, but it absorbs quickly and is really worth it. I know he will be with me for a long time.

  • Ureadin Podos Foot Cream. I already told you last year and I continue on it, the foot cream can not be missing, I do not have a hardness thanks to her, the other day I did the pedicure and the girl who did it praised the state of my feet and That only hydrates me well every night.

For the hair

In my bag, wherever I go, there will never be my Kérastase shampoo and the texturizer of which I was enchanted last year and this I have repeated until I can find something better.


This year I have chosen to leave the bases aside, so in my bag we will only find some sun dust Les Beiges de Chanel, a Bobbi Brown highlighter blusher, he illuminator of The Balm and one mascara, now I have the Dior Iconic which is fabulous but too expensive (they gave it to me, for the record). A major eyeliner could fall, for example, but little else, this year my bet is for absolute naturalness and let the skin breathe more.

For the lips I keep the Lancôme Juicy Shakers which I told you about a season ago, a Estée Lauder's red gloss and a MAC nude, the Patisserie

For the nails

Well, simple, a red tone like this Gitane de Chanel which is tremendously precious, or one of Kiko in porcelain tone That is a basic that is always with me.

A perfume

This year, no doubt, Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle Natural, which I talked to you a few weeks ago will be the one that comes with me in addition to my basic of years of Drops of Mayfer, typical water of cologne that comes in liter boats and from which I will never get tired.

And so far my bag of essentials to which something else is always attached, as is logical, but without this I am not going anywhere.

What products are your essentials for this summer?

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