Jo Cox or why the world has never been better

The world has never been better. We have never lived more years. We have never had better health. Our children have never been more likely to exceed the age of 5 years. In fact death is something quite rare in our society. That is why we are tempted to turn heroes to those who die before time, especially if it is violent. After all, something very strange happened to them. Something extraordinary.

Jo Cox died 2 days ago, at 41, in a violent way. Is Jo Cox a hero?

She was the first of her family to go to university. He worked for 10 years at the NGO Intermon Oxfam. She advised several politicians. A year ago he won the elections for the British parliament.

I believed in diversity. In which immigrants enrich a country. In that there are more things that unite us than those that separate us. In which Europe and the US must intervene actively in Syria. That Britain has to accept 3,000 refugee children. That his country had to remain in the European Union.

The person who killed her was 52 years old and a member of a neo-Nazi organization. British police investigate their mental health.

Is Thomas Mair crazy? ... It is not confirmed yet. But the fact that madness is the first idea that comes to mind when someone commits such an act demonstrates one thing: the world has never been better. Probably thanks to people like Jo Cox, whether we consider them heroes or not.

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