After the boom of washing your hair with Coca Cola, comes a range of products that include it in your formula

It is clear that one of the biggest concerns at the cosmetic level that we have men and women has to do with the hair, so it is normal for fashions such as horse shampoo, non-poo (that is, washing your hair without shampoo) to appear. , or, the last one that appeared on social networks: wash your hair with coke. The latter also has brought with it a range of products which in theory contain the famous soda within its formula.

According to Belkos Beauty (the brand that manufactures it), with its use you increase the volume of the hair, its shine and also stimulate growth. The range includes shampoo, mask and lotion, although I am surprised that there is little information on your website (they don't even mention the 3 products):

Belkos Beauty presents the Shampoo of Cola, a product of great quality and unique in the European market that is raging in the US in the networks. There are thousands of videos that exist on YouTube about the results of washing your hair with cola, volume, body, softness and shine. You get casual looks, natural waves. swag style.

The truth is that reading this I get the feeling that it has been created as a mere advertising claim and not as a result of some research that shows that coke has any good effect on hair.

I have investigated a little more about it and within its ingredients we find phosphoric acid and sorbitol (which are actually part of cola drinks, although obviously I do not know the full list), although there is also rosemary extract (which goes very good for oily hair), sea salt, glycerin, sage extract, onion, sulfates and silicones.

Although I am almost addicted to trying new products, the same happens to me with the horse shampoo at the time… More than curiosity, I feel a little afraid to start using it, since I have quite sensitive skin and scalp and I don't know exactly what effects it may have.

This is a product that is sold in hairdressers and as I have seen round 20 euros / 500 ml, so it is not a cheap product. I have read opinions about him and I have found a post of all kinds, although none that defends him 100%, proof that panaceas do not exist and less if they come from the ephemeral fashions that social networks produce.

I would love to read your opinions about him ... would you prove it? Have any of you already fallen with him?

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