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Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts, two very different ways of wearing a cowboy

The cowboy has become the most used garment by all. Since the incorporation of this garment to much more formal looks combined with more elegant garments such as silk blouses or heels it has become a versatile basic that everyone has to have in their closet. The truth is that combining it is not quite easy and they ask Hilary Duff and Emma Roberts.

Hilary Duff

Combining a total denim look is not easy, you have to choose very well the garments and the tones of them so that the result is a complete success, just the opposite of what you have achieved Hilary Duff. She has chosen a clear, short and broken denim shirt in the lower area that combined with a pair of slacks, with many tears and a slightly higher tone than the shirt does not work at all. To make matters worse, he has also opted for some denim sneakers of a darker color yet, she has become a cowboy degrade herself.

Emma Roberts

On the contrary in Emma Roberts We see a look of the classics to be copied. He has sat down in a black skinny pants with two breaks in the knees that he has sublimely combined with a style blouse boyfriend in light blue and black accessories very consistent with the overall look. All this with your hair tone is a sure success.

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