Being 60 years old and being great in a swimsuit is possible (this campaign proves it)

In an industry marked by the need to reach eternal youth and perfect measures, to achieve as model at 60 years old It is almost a utopia. However, there are women who get it and also do it in a great way, wearing jeans or swimsuits as if they were Karlie Kloss. In fashion, now more than ever, age does not matter.

With the recent example of the Spanish model Alicia Borrás as an image of the last Desigual campaign still recorded in our retinas, the also spectacular Yazeemenah Rossi shows us, at 60, that you can wear a swimsuit and approve with a note. With a lot of note.

Born in France and raised in Corsica, this mannequin who began her career after the twenties can be proud to continue exercising past the barrier of the thirties - something that only some tops like Gisele Bündchen or the team of 90 have achieved -. In addition, her silver hair has earned her more than one job, such as the Marks & Spencer campaign she starred in 2012 and that catapulted her to fame again.

“Yazeemenah Rossi embodies modernity, trust, intelligence and elegance,” Brooke Taylor Corcia

Now, Yazeemenah Rossi Go back to the front page with this swimsuit and swimwear campaign to The Dreslyn, whose CEO, Brooke Taylor Corcia, commented "Yazeemenah Rossi embodies modernity, trust, intelligence and elegance."

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