Famous Fashion

Máxima Zorreguieta and art offer us priceless moments to admire this fashion magician with a hat

Yesterday, Max Zorreguieta inaugurated the Outsider Art Museum - a wing of the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam -, which includes exhibitions of artists with intellectual disabilities or mental illnesses whose works operate outside the professional art circuit. A museum that has been able to open its doors thanks to the collaboration of the Dolhuys Museum in Haarlem, the NGO Cordaan and the Hermitage Museum in Amsterdam itself.

After carrying out the opening ceremony, Máxima toured all the museum's facilities, chatting with some of the artists who were working in some studios that have enabled them to facilitate their task. For the occasion, Máxima put on a cold wool dress of the firm They swim Brown, straight and above the knees with midi sleeves, fastened at the waist by a pony belt with animal print pattern, to match some beautiful rooms.

The dress was extremely simple, what made it different was a large front fold at the neck that transformed the boat's neck into a dress. asymmetric neck.

Above the dress, Máxima hung a shoulder three quarter coat with a neck to the box made of the same fabric of the dress but adorned at the top with beaver skin. A skin that reminds a little of mouton but much lighter and more flexible.

To cover his head he opted for a original top hat of brown felt adorned with a bow of the same material that the Queen of Holland was placed a little on the side. Máxima wore her hair in a low bun which allowed her simple but spectacular earrings to be seen.

That Queen Máxima loves art is not a novelty. Last week, during his lightning visit to Paris, he had time to approach the Louvre to see two portraits of Rembrandt. The curiosity of the Máxima reprint for these two works provided us with an unparalleled moment as it allowed us to admire her pink coat-suit dusted behind without rude sin.