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The beautiful and delicate tattoos of a Korean artist

The tattoo world has evolved so much that it is also exposed to fashions and trends, and it does so with increasing technique and perfection. Gone are the tribal and Chinese letters that caused so much anger in his day.

If you have in your mind get a tattoo You may be interested to see the proposals of the Korean artist Silo, It has an incredible technique and quality in the drawing, it also has its own style in which the drawings look very beautiful watercolors coming out of the scheme of the classic tattoos that we are accustomed to see, also in their prime creations delicacy, soft tones and romantic images like flowers or animals

The perfection of his work is such that it is difficult to see his works as a simple tattoo but goes one step further, as if it were a canvas.

A small detail can be very big like this country flower.

Impressive this tattoo that covers two feet, is beautiful, the tones and the integration of it make it a true work of art.

Not all his works are in color, like this tattoo that simulates a mythological being, as beautiful as it is enigmatic.

Marine animals are also part of their repertoire like whales and dolphins.

And if there is an animal that is not missing are cats or dogs, like this creation in which there are neither more nor less than five on the hip area.

Silo is a great animal lover and has two kittens and two dogs that we can see from this guide on her Instagram. Another reason to follow this great artist.

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