Woman at the wheel, constant danger? Four studies dismantle the myths that we are bad drivers

Often sambenito has fallen to women with driving. No matter what the statistics say and that the insurers make us better prices, the general feeling is that we are worse conductive and we are the protagonists of a lot of jokes on the subject. But now The time has come to combat those myths They say that behind the wheel we are a disaster.

Myth No. 1: Women are bad drivers.

Thus, with no openings or half measures. And without any rigor ... because statistics say we are more careful behind the wheel than men. We maintain a constant speed, without accelerations or braking that force the machinery; We maintain a safe distance and are more cautious when maneuvering. And not only that: besides more women check their car before embarking on a trip, 88% compared to 83% of men, although we must recognize that they examine more frequently than we do the state of the load or the temperature of the engine. It is pointed.

Show not only that you are a good driver, but also that you have a stile doing it.

Myth No. 2: We have no idea of ​​parking.

We have all grown up listening to the joke that if women do not know how to park it is because we think that twenty centimeters are really ... much less. The truth is that I have the impression that the myth that we park badly comes from far away in history and in ancient times they criticized us because we did not know how to place the horse well. I wonder if all this will not be related to male pride, that they are the real experts in putting one thing inside another and in that we cannot compete. The truth is that parking better or worse depends on the experience and expertise of each individual, regardless of sex, but it is true that according to a study conducted by the University of Ruhr, in Bochum (Germany) we take up to twenty more seconds to park, a delay we attribute to the fact that the chest makes it difficult for us to turn around .

We take care of both our cars and our favorite heels.

Myth No. 3: Women do not buy cars.

We want to do it, but many times it is difficult to listen to us at the dealership if we enter with a man. And what a bad seller who insists on explaining the benefits of that model only to our partner because a study conducted by the car rental company Sixt says that Women influence up to 83% in decision-making regarding the purchase of the family car and we are the main buyers in the second hand market.

Myth No. 4: We are a danger.

What nonsense. The statistics of the General Directorate of Traffic show the opposite. Up to 79% of offenders in our country are men compared to 21% of us. And we have much less accidents according to the Business Insurance Association (UNESPA).

The only danger this driver is running is to end a bird's nest as a hairstyle.

Myth No. 5: We don't know how to read a map.

And even if it were true, who cares? Thanks to the GPs, mobile applications and browsers, discussions about who is to blame for getting lost are over. Now we already have a perfect turkish head. Hopefully a browser that was giving us instructions in a soft voice on where we have to go for the rest of our lives.

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