The crimes of bloggers who will never confess

Few will recognize it out loud, but Being an addicted fashion makes you commit many eccentricitiessince fall posture It is an almost inevitable temptation. Some of those oddities typical of a fashion addict can take us to the Dark Side and others can even be dangerous to our health. Check to what extent your addiction to fashion comes and do not fall for these crimes.

I was ojiplática when a while ago I discovered that some girls used shoes with paper to protect the sole and thus return them as if they had not been worn. But there are more Fashionistas crimes that deserve a good reprimand. Let's see some examples.

Crime: A classic blogger is buying clothes, taking the picture without removing the tag and returning it as if nothing had happened. Not all have a dressing room as big as Chiara's. But not only bloggers posture, that has been done throughout life with party dresses and that is why many stores no longer accept returns in evening fashion. Punishment: Zara's saleswomen were not born yesterday and they know them all, all and all. Because it is one thing to take a picture with a garment and another very different to return something that has already been used and it is not cool that a saleswoman explains to you the difference out loud in front of everyone who is waiting in the tail of the box.

Crime: wear glasses to make you interesting and intellectual when they have no vision problems. Punishment: that they feel in the front row in all the events they go to so they don't have vision problems ... but many problems when they want to slip away.

Crime: buy some shoes that are not your size just because they are very cute and are lowered or are the only ones left. Punishment: wearing those shoes is already enough punishment for the poor seizure who made such a mistake. Do not get carried away by anxiety.

Crime: Buy an imitation bag to look like you have the branded bag. The business of the copies of bags is very buoyant, a symptom that there are many I want and I can not for the world. Punishment: the true experts on the subject will realize and, although they will take great care to tell you in the face, they will surely murmur behind your back. Better get an original bag, which is within your budget, and be yourself, without giving rise to criticism for trying to be someone you are not.

Crime: A friend confessed to me that she put the labels of good brands on low cost clothes just to appear. Punishment: not having any chance to undress so that they see the label that has cost you so much to sew.

Crime: ask brands for free clothes because you have a fashion blog. People hear that bloggers are given clothes and some people think that if you open a blog you can fill your closet bottom at the speed of light. Punishment: have to work hard. Fame costs and before a blogger receives gifts and brand offers you will have to spend many hours and prove that you have real talent. And of course, only the best get that.

Crime: bloggers who buy a bag and show that it is a gift or collaboration with a brand, in order to pretend they are important bloggers. Bloggers who take pictures with celebrities to look like they are intimate. Punishment: To live a false life that in the end does not fill you with anything instead of a real and wonderful one, it seems enough punishment.

Crime: Buy a garment a few days before sales, to return it when the discounts begin and thus ensure that you buy it for less price. Punishment: That the garment is from the new collection and that you throw the shot by the butt.

Crime: Buy followers on networks to look like you have a lot of fans. Punishment: You will have followers, but few will like or comment on your photos if you don't have real fans.

All these stories of false appearances we have not invented them, somehow or other they have reached our ears, have you heard any similar? Of course, sin is said but not the sinner.

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