Foot Locker invites us to London to know its next limited editions in its #HottestMonth

I think I've already said it once, but I'm going to repeat myself to put you in a situation: in the faraway University time classmates and professors called me Little shoes. And everything was right: it was (and I am) shoes lover and could constantly collect peers. But like my personality, over time my taste for them has matured. I no longer get obsessed with infinite and impossible heels and prefer to opt for the good design and comfort. That's why over time I have become addicted to sneakers: adidas Originals, Nike or Reebok are some of my fetish brands. But it seems that I am not alone in this world, because more and more adherents to this world.

Limited editions for sale exclusively on Foot Locker begin to appear during the month of February

And the February month It is important to us. The reason? Firms begin to launch their limited editions that will mark the pace during the year (with more than 60 releases in just 29 days). Y Foot locker understand exclusivity, design and savoir faire. That is why we could not resist the invitation to go to London from his hand to know the news that we will begin to find in a few weeks in their stores. Under the motto #HottestMonth, the firm brought together Cream of the cream of the international press (do not think that I throw flowers to myself with it, I was a privileged who did not believe what I was living) and showed an advance of what is to come in a very cool and authentic environment.


He #HottestMonth is what is called the month to be for limited editions within the world of the sneaker. The firms begin to launch all those models that will be a hit during the year and people begin to see what trends will reign during the season. And with such a cool event, its location could not be less. Located in the Shoreditch neighborhood of London, and door-to-door with the coolest NikeLab of all time, people passing through the studio's doors seemed to be taken out of a hipster catalog.

Swag models, pastel colors and fabrics of all kinds are some of the trends for this new season 2016

Long and abundant beards, hair tied in a perfect bun (although I practiced it for hours in front of the mirror I will never get anything similar) and the feet dressed with the Yeezy Boost 350 (did they give them away and I didn't know…?). And there they were, the only protagonists of the night: the sneaker models that will start coming out in a few weeks and will make us lose our minds. Boot models, ergonomic designs, renewed classics, skins of all kinds ... A display of trends and varied models that caught the staff and made us dream of each of their proposals. And meanwhile, Kanye West's voice enlivened the surroundings thanks to a very cool DJ.

Trends seen for this 2016

  • Pastel shades for them. Are you one of those who loves pastel shades? Now you can delight your feet with them since the most delicious colors are presented in lifelong models. In this way, we will find the model Stan smith from adidas Originals in salmon or mint (and crocodile skin), the mythical model Huarache Nike in mauve or the Reebok Classic in pink. Hard choise…
  • The colors of the French flag. Electric blue, red and white. These three colors that make up the French flag (as well as the Dutch) are the shades TOP it's from the season. Models seen as the Air force 1 from Nike or the Superstar adidas Originals will be presented in this color but varying in fabrics: ostrich skin, rubber, etc.
  • Boot models will be a hit. Sports shoes in booty version? Yes, it's nothing new but they will be a must this 2016. The coolest? A Nike model inspired by the mythical model of Back to the Future. There are many who will emulate Martin McFly from now on ...
  • The classics are renewed. As we have said, the classics are renewed betting on new fabrics and colors. In this way we find models of yesteryear but with a very modern and modern touch.

From adidas Yeezy to models not as untouchable as limited editions of vans. Foot Locker has limited editions that you will only find in its stores ... And we like that. What model will you choose this new season?

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