Alessandro Michele bets on the Berlin pop of the 80s to present its new campaign

After having taken us to the streets of Los Angeles, to present the advertising campaign for the spring-summer 2016 Gucci set course to Berlin pop of the 80s through a series of clichés of surreal accents like in the movie "Velvet Goldmine".

On the terraces of the roofs of the buildings of the city, in the clubs installed in old abandoned galleries, in the endless subway corridors or in the public toilets a band of young people composed, among others, by Polina Oganicheva, Peyton Knight, Elizabeth Moore, Nicole Atieno, and Mia Gruenwald have fun skateboarding while hugging a stuffed turkey in their arms or flirting with all the unconsciousness and unfolding of youth.

Most of the garments that make up the new collection for spring 2016 - satin bombers emerald color embroidered with bees, clouds or birds, coats in daim, jackets leather with hand-painted flowers, pantsuits like those worn by the Arnis Cielava model with check print Y elephant leg, embroidered evening dresses with paillettes, and loafers with a buckle that reproduce the double GG -, accentuate a decidedly dreamlike aesthetic.

A shooting signed by the photographer Glen luchford, and a new stroke of genius attributable to Alessandro Michele that since he established himself in his position in the artistic direction of Gucci he is increasingly more creative.

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